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briefed us that the chinese military were to begin extensive military maneuvers in the taiwan strait. this morning we were stunned to learn that they had fired two missiles that landed just 10 miles off the coast of taiwan. the taiwanese had a presidential election underway, and the chinese were using a not too subtle way of explaining to them what they wanted the outcome of that election to be. thises was an unacceptable form of military coercion and both the general and i agreed that a strong response was needed by the united states, something more than a diplomatic letter of protest. after some discussion we agreed to send two carrier battle groups to taiwan. within an hour the president had approved our recommendation and before the day was over, though carrier battle groups were underway steaming to taiwan. at a press conference the next day, i was asked would i not fear this would lead to military clash with china. i said, i was not concerned of that. and when asked why, i said, i think, well, because we have the best damn navy in the world. this was not an extravagant or hyper
now. i hope i am wrong in this next point. the experience of both korea and taiwan suggest otherwise. even though their transition -- the ford their transition, they were less authoritarian than china -- before their transition, they were less authoritarian than china. it is necessary to have sustainable legal reform. beyond this heart threshold question, there are many others. i will mention one or two and include. what are we going to do about the ill-gotten gains that have occurred? chinese economists estimate that chinese peasants have been deprived of more than $500 billion worth of value in their land that has been taking without adequate compensation. how does one think of addressing that? how do we reconcile the growing popular media scrutiny of the judiciary, which seems desirable, with the communist party pressures? there are no real answers to these or many questions we will talk about today. i do feel strongly that we are blessed -- that is the right word, blessed -- to have as gifted and courageous a friend as he weifang, a champion for his country and a teacher of inspi
in china and taiwan over islands in the east china sea. it's just one of a number of pressing concerns on the foreign policy front. nhk world brings us up to speed. >> reporter: chinese hit the streets in force in september, furious about their neighbors. they protested outside the japanese embassy, boycotted japanese goods, struck out at anything japanese. the root of their anger, the nationalization of islands in the east china sea. >> translator: the senkaku islands are japan's sovereign territory, this is a clear fact both historically and in light of international law. >> reporter: the japanese government bought the islands from a private owner. the thing is, china and taiwan claim them too. chinese leaders said nationalizing them is not acceptable. they've sent petrol ships into japanese waters around the islands, followed closely by japan coast guard crews. the new leadership declared china would build itself into a maritime power by safeguarding its interests. japan's next government will take up other disputes too. in august south korean president visited islands his country c
. japanese officials have been arguing with their counterparts in china and taiwan over islands in the east china sea. it's just one of a number of pressing concerns on the foreign policy front. nhk world brings us up to speed. >> reporter: chinese hit the streets in force in september, furious about their neighbors. they protested outside the japanese embassy, boycotted japanese goods, struck out at anything japanese. the root of their anger, the nationalization of islands in the east china sea. >> translator: the senkaku islands are japan's sovereign territory, this is a clear fact both historically and in light of international law. >> reporter: the japanese government bought the islands from a private owner. the thing is, china and taiwan claim them too. chinese leaders said nationalizing them is not acceptable. they've sent petrol ships into japanese waters around the islands, followed closely by japan coast guard crews. the new leadership declared china would build itself into a maritime power by safeguarding its interests. japan's next government will take up other disputes too. in a
've never seen a way like this. how about fire? this is the northern taiwan coast. an ancient method known as fire fishing. look at this. >> what? >> see these guys out there on a boat. you see one of them kind of operating this big flame. and all that you see there on the surface, those are a certain type of fish that are attracted to the fire and the light emitted from it. you see it looks like they have almost a triangular net. in the past fishermen have used this it technique and speared these fish as they get close to the boat. >> it's like a magnet. turn this torch on and here come the fish. >> it looks like sparks in the water. >> yeah. >> because the light reflecting off the fish. surely this can only be done at night but it does kind of make for a beautiful spectacle. >> no kidding. >> that's kind of what it has become. there are only four boats still using this method on the taiwan coast. i got to say, fishing never looked so pretty. >> yeah. >> thanks for showing us this. >> you're welcome. >>> two insane dash cam videos from russia. the first one, the driver is listening to the
indirectly in vietnam. we recognize taiwan as the republic of china, and you come into office and within three years, you open relations to china, agree to withdraw american troops from taiwan. what made you make that decision? >> the conviction was a country of the magnitude of china could not be kicked out of the international system indefinitely. it would destroy the international system. also, we thought if the soviet union which occupied czechoslovakia and it could do the same to china. that would change the psychological and strategic position in the world. >> and it was here in the growing wedge between the two communist powers that nixon and kissinger saw an opening. they would lean towards china. trouble was, how to contact a regime whose very existence the united states denied. >> we came up with the idea that our ambassador in warsaw should walk up to the chinese ambassador at the next social event in which they were both present and ask for a meeting. and say we wanted to talk. >> this is like a spy thriller. >> absolutely. so there was a yugoslav fashion show. they were both
and they are looking at progress hoping to avoid the fiscal cliff. australia taiwan, but china anti-want slipped -- and taiwan slipped a bit. analysts say the fiscal cliffs are taking a positive return. here is the nasdaq, and s&p 500 all posting moderate gains. >>> to many people's surprise the government will end up with a profit for the bailout of the end insurance -- of the insurance giant. a.i.g. may be able to pay a dividend to its shareholders by next summer, quite a turnaround. >>> they just lot a brainy battle. >>> and we have more on the new invention that will be launched into space today. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $
of the world on china and little taiwan, this little liberal democracy. it is a true liberal democracy. pitting the lie to the idea that liberal democracy and asia are imcompatible as south korea puts the lie to it and other people put the lie to it. let me tell yao -- you about the world economic forum. everybody meets in january, and everyone's there, good, bad, indiercht. i mean, nations and governments. at my time, i have seen representatives of hue sap -- hussein's regime and tehran, and i sat next to the foreign minister once, kind of a creepy experience. guess who is missing? taiwan. democrats in taiwan is not invited because china would be upset. we have more interest in china an human rights. hillary clinton said, i think it was february 2009, that human rights would have to go on the back burner because there were more pressing concerns like, i quote, climate change. that may be so. they may be so. human rights not the be all and end ul -- all of foreign policy as we all know. i think i said abram twice t. it's hard hard to get that " s" out, abrams, i apologize. it was said, do what
they lit candles. students in taiwan formed a ribbon on a playground. aidss first diagnosed 31 years ago, and the u.n. says aids claimed 1.7 million lives last year. the uss"enterprise" sailed through many historic moments, but today the nation's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was taken out of active service. some 12,000 people turned out in norfolk, virginia, to say farewell. the 51-year-old warship, also known as the "big e." served in every major conflict since the cuban missile crise. straight ahead, controversy in cooperstown. baseball's steroid era comes under scrutiny. >> jarvis: they'e biggest names in baseball-- bonds, clemens, and sosa. this year all three former players are eligible for entry to the hall of fame in cooperstown, new york, but as tony guida tells us, controversy over steroids is in play. >> and bonds hits one high. >> reporter: no one in baseball history hit more home runs than barry bonds. >> he struck him out! >> no one in baseball history racked up more pitching honors than roger clemens. the two stars headline this year's ballot for the hall of fame.
about is about job security and outsourcing of jobs to other parts of the u.s., china and taiwan. the relatively small clerical workers' union fear their jobs are at risk. they are union back jobs and well-paid. they have been supported by members of a sister union. the effect is to bring the sprawling complex to a standstill. it accounts for more than one- third of the imports into the united states. >> if i am a small business woman in ohio, why should i worry about this strike? >> quite simply, the fear is is if this is allowed to carry on, there will be a shortage of goods and a hold up of the vessels that are languishing behind me. they are just hanging around and not being processed, they are not getting to the stores and the shortage could push up prices ahead of the christmas shopping period. >> everybody will be watching. thank you for joining me. still to come on tonight's program. it is the presidency being watched around the world. prince william joye and his wife -- joins his wife kate in hospital. we will bring me the latest. a powerful typhoon has been battering th
is likely across taiwan over the next 72 hours and flooding and landslides will be a concern and again both will stay near the philippines so wet and windy conditions will prolong for the next couple of days. we'll keep updating on you the storm's progress. back towards the north we're looking at a wintery pressure chilly temperatures for much of the that i guess and heavy snow showers, strong winds a. as it moves from the west things will turn stormy as we head into tomorrow and this system located over the yellow sea is now bringing gale force winds along the east coast of china and the korean peninsula that will intensify and produce a mixture of rain and snow for much of the korean peninsula and then it could intensify over the sea of japan and produce blizzard like conditions for northern japan tomorrow. gusts could hit 145 kilometers per hour. the temperatures on tuesday getting up to 10 in tokyo, about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. 0 for seoul as well as beijing and minus 21 for la pur. moving into the american continent, heavy snow and strong winds still continuing in the mountai
overtime, patrolling around the always that japan controls but chesapeake and taiwan claim. on top of the monitoring of countries in the territorial waters and being on stand by for salvage and disaster operations, our team and western japan shows us, aging coast guard ships can't keep up. >> it controls the sea of japan. the coast guard ship is on the prefecture on the sea of japan. she's a large vessel, 78 meters long. after 32 years on the job, she is showing her age. the coast guard would like to replace each of its 120 vessels every 25 years but about three out of ten have been in service longer than that. with the yearly budget of $2.2 billion, the coast guard can't afford to replace old ships at the rate it would like, so they keep the ships going with makeshift repairs. >> translator: we have to deal with leaky fuel pipes. steam and seawater are always a problem. my crew is constantly running around, dealing with the problems. >> and in ships like these, crews must deal with the senkaku crisis. after the government bought several islands in september, chinese vessels steppe
. that trademark fortitude took her to turkey, taiwan, and kosovo, to stand with the survivors of either -- of earthquakes and tell the stories. and dana was on the second private plane to leave the west coast for new york, the first bay area broadcast journalist at ground zero. and she wanted nothing less than a front-row seat when the u.s. struck back at terrorism. reporting in the persian gulf. she shied away from nothing, not even genocide. >> there are 120,000 inmates in rawanda's prisons. >> what would you like people to know back in the bay area? >> the reports covered the upcoming presidential election, security, and the country's faltering steps toward stability. a trip to iraq was next. dana wanted the bay area to meet the kerdz, once saddam hussein's victims, now thriving in an independent region. the distant past. back in the u.s., it was the look at the future, the inauguration of the nation's first black president. but no matter where she was, dana was always on her own path. >> that hair! >> she's notorious for updating her do. >> dana cannot keep a hairstyle for more tha
controls the territory. china and taiwan claim it. chinese ships enter japanese waters near the islands and chinese alleged anti-japan demonstrations. noda's key domestic policy issue was fiscal reform. he staked his career on hiking the consumption tax and reforming social security to chip away at japan's rising debt. the opposition liberal democrats and their allies helped him pass a package of bills after he promised to call a general election soon. but then noda added conditions. he wanted to enact legislation allowing the government to issue bonds defined as the current fiscal year's budget and he wanted to reform the electoral system. >> translator: if you agree to this condition i'm ready to dissolve the lower house on november 16th. please give your word to the people. >> reporter: that's what opposition leaders did. setting the stage for the election. >> prime minister noda is facing the biggest fight of his political life. nhk's latest opinion poll suggests kobe in trouble. the leader of the opposition party is attracting more support. we surveyed about 2,600 voters over the w
the senkaku islands, china and taiwan claimed them. the japan coast guard says one of its vessels spotted the plane thursday morning and reported it to japan's defense ministry. it was about 15 kilometers south of the uotsuri islands. part of the senkaku island chain. the minister says eight f-15 fighters from the air self defense force based in okinawa were dispatched in response. but when they arrived the chinese plane had already left japanese airspace. the coast guard photo of the chinese aircraft shows letters on the plane's body indicating it belongs to china's state oceanic administration. the defense ministry says this was the first such intrusion by a chinese aircraft since the self-defense forces began keeping records. the coast guard says the plane was initially spotted around 10:40 a.m. local time. coast guard officials confirmed the intrusion at 11:06 and the plane moved out of sight four minutes later. the coast guard vessel radioed a warning to the aircraft not to enter japanese airspace. the aircraft responded that it was flying over chinese territory. also on thursday, fo
and taiwan. ( cell(pspeang cneseo. ator they tgrpres gees offered by their designs. but the hos are worried about the strict new rules now in place over house size and style. they are not sure their business can withstand the conflict of cultures. here the diaspora from europe is meeting a new diaspora. we are, in a sense, in a borderland, a meeting place between great international influences-- the age of the atlantic and the age of the pacific, europe and asia. and they're meeting more broadly they'rein this region.s city, or: the signuideney ar this english tudor exterior did not appeal to today's clients. okay, thanks for coming. narrator: it is seven years later, and me oe lictssolv at both the local and the global scales. locall vancouver enacted a design compromise. ley: in this areathere was a menu of about a half dozen styles that builders were given to work with, but by far the most popular has been, in fact, this one, that i rather jokingly call the "neo-tudor," because it is a revival of what was the tudor revival of the 1900-1920 period. narrator: as long as developers built in
these relationships with countries and allies that we suspect were developing weapons, south korea, taiwan, and -- >> pakistan. >> pakistan and israel. >> right. >> ben-gurion came to the white house more than once and looked into the eyes of american presidents and said, no, that's for -- that's a plant that's going to do some water deal anyization and medical isotopes. you don't have to worry about us. so so it's very hard to say. we have a fatwa from ayatollah khamenei, that's a very important fact that the decision has been made. the revolutionary guard structure which has its own power senders, it's hard to say whether they're in complete ideological alignment on that question. it's hard to understand to what extent they have the authority to push the technology farther as a way of contingency preparation for the day when the ayatollah may change his mind. >> yeah. and i've heard gary sick refer to a option where you're six months away, but you're not actually at the point where you have a weapon, that you're very close. >> sure. and i think that obama, be you read what -- if you read
china as well as taiwan. some showers expected for southern parts of the phillipines. that includes amintanau which is still dealing with the aftermath of typhoon bova. 10 degrees in tokyo. that's about 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. very cool up north, 19 degrees in ulan, minus 1 in beijing and things will get even cooler as we head into your friday here. in the south, warmer than average in hong kong with a high of 24. moving into america, wet and windy conditions common for the west, a series of lows moving into the western pacific and heavy mountain snow. blizzard warnings are posted for parts of washington and oregon. snow about 50 centimetres and gusts of 80 kilometres power on the cars. things are getting very active. here things remaining wet and windy on your monday. out east thundershowers for the southern parts of the plains up into the east and northeast. icy participation for southern quebec and parts of the new england states, and there will be a risk of severe weather happening in southeastern texas and central parts of the gulf state. there will be a risk of thunde
controls the islands but china and taiwan say they belong to them. >> translator: we hope that china realizes the problems we share and deal with them properly. >> they claim that the islands are part of their test. and developing a healthy, stable and long term relationship will serve the interest of both countries. >>> more than 100 million people in japan were eligible to cast ballots in this election, but a sizable number gave the polling stations a pass. the voter turnout sank to its lowest since world war ii. officials with the internal affairs ministry say nearly 62 million people cast ballots. that's about 59% of eligible voters. it's nearly ten points lower than the level set in the 2009 lower house elections. the democrats came racing to power last time around, but they limped to the finish line in this election. we went to find out why people didn't vote for the party or didn't vote at all. >> reporter: these angels come out every hour. prime ministers in japan seem to come and go almost every year. the democrats went through three leaders since 2009. >> translator: i felt
the islands in the east china sea. china and taiwan claim the islands. the national institute for defense studies released a report on china's security policy, focusing on its recent military expansion at sea. the report says chinese people increasingly regard maritime disputes as infringement on the country's sovereignty and interests. it says the trend is making more difficult to implement cooperative diplomatic policy.i more difficult to implement cooperative diplomatic polic difficult to implement cooperative diplomatic policdif cooperative diplomatic polic di cooperative diplomatic policy. the report says cooperation, china's navy and maritime law enforcement agencies is likely to strengthen not only in the south china sea, but also in the east china sea. the vessels and patrol boats have been around the senkaku islands since september. >>> japan's coast guard officials are asking for budget increases to pay for personnel and equipment. they want to boost their presence in japanese waters. coast guard commandant takashi kitamura spoke about chinese government ships navigating around
the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan cla them. >> translator: we haven't requested additional patrol vessels for our fleet but it's becoming necessary to add more ships and we'll need more personnel to staff them. >> disputes and missile testing in north korea make more patrols a necessity. >>> the defense ministr had to rewrite its original report after hundreds of problem were found. it's the impact of moving the station in the north part of the prefecture. japan and the united states agreed on the relocation in 2006. okinawa found more than 500 problems in the first report. the new report assesses noise disturbances over a wider area and takes into account the possibility that u.s. military aircraft could fly off course. the offials say ty will also address the problem of low frequency noise. experts say the defense ministry is expected to apply to the okinawa government to start reclaiming land for the relocation under the new cabinet. >>> times have changed for japanese electronic firms and many have lost the innation that made them successful. one
interpretation. a museum in taiwan even built a replica pyramid, and people counted down to what some believed to be the end of the world. police in france have cordoned off a village reputed to be the only place that will survive. some expect a giant ufo to land here. locals are taking it all in good humor and are ready to greet visitors from outer space. >> that is it for us. we will be back later on. captioned by the national captioning institute
's oil fields direct access to key markets in japan, south korea, taiwan, the philippines, and the usa. >> after six years of construction and around 21 billion euros, the pipeline is complete. russia hopes it will be able to expand sales into the u.s. market. it also wants to sell more into southeast asia. the pipeline goes 2,700 kilometers. oil has been flowing from there to china since 2010. now, the final section has been completed. from there, it can be shipped out. until now, the oil was transported along this last leg by train. that had a limited capacity of 15 million barrels of oil per year. the new pipeline can carry three times that amount. it is part of russia's plan to reduce its reliance on europe, which currently buys about 87% of the country's oil exports. during price talks with europe, russia has also -- often said it would seek other buyers and focus more on asian buyers. >> china's biggest producer of so-called rare earths has suspended output at some of its plants for another month as part of an effort to push up prices. >> rare earths are a group of elements cruci
islands. japan controls the islands in the east china sea. china and taiwan claim them. >> the re-elected leader in the united states and new leaders in all three major countries of northeast asia. this is an opportunity to take a step back and get a new perspective and avoid this tit for tat and day to day things causing so much tension. >> steinberg called on japanese leaders to break the stalemate over relocating a u.s. air base in okinawa. he says the delays are hindering efforts to build a stronger alliance. a chinese government plane approached japanese air space over the senkaku islands. fighter jets were scrambled to interassessment the craft. defense minister officials say air defense force personnel spotted the plane. the twin propellor aircraft belongs to china's state oceanic administration. the plane came within 120 kilometers of the area and left without entering japanese air space. it's the third day in a row the chinese aircraft has been spotted at the same time on a similar course. self-defense forces are on heightened alert. it is suspected the chinese may be mak
owns the islands, both china and taiwan claim them. myanmar has made other moves out of the consideration for china despite the criticism from the west in november. police in the country cracked down on demonstrations against a copper mine operated by a chinese firm and a firm linked to the military. over 70 protesters were injured and forged close relations with china during the military rule when western countries imposed economic sanctions on the country in the past two decades, investment from china has totalled $14 billion. >>> as china increases its economic and military clout, asean countries are pressed to come up with policies that combine hard and soft approaches to the neighbor. geothermal power is attracting global attention. the philippines is taking advantage of the sustained energy source and the usage rate is the second highest in the world and strengthening its industry by teaming up with counterparts around the world. nhk world has more. >> reporter: columns of steam rise from this facility and the air smells faintly of rotten eggs. a two-hour drive
are part of japan. japan controls the senkaku islands in the east china sea. china and taiwan claim them. japanese wire service jiji press says the chinese government issued the document in 1915. the document says the islands are part of ryukyu, an old name for that area that is now okinawa. the paper mentions the islands's former name. the chinese embassy issued a statement on its website. it rejected suggestions that the document should serve as proof of japan's claim. they have historical and law enforcement grounds for claims of sovereignty. it says bringing up an unsigned document demonstrates a lack of confidence over the issue among japanese. the statement says what it calls tricks won't change the fact that the islands are chinese territory. >>> geothermal power is attracting global attention. in southeast asia, the philippines is taking advantage of the sustainable energy source and its usage rate is the second highest in the world. now it's strengthening its industry by teaming up with counterparts from around the globe. >> reporter: steam rises and the air smells faintless of
, this was the scene of taiwan. revelers were treated to fireworks shooting off the second tallest building in the world. >>> preparations are in the works for san francisco. allie rasmus joins us with the party plans that include a lot of fireworks and safety measures being put in place right now. >> reporter: the crowd control barricades are right in front of us, stacked up and ready to go at the embarcadero ahead of the big fireworks display in san francisco. pyrotechnics stuffed packets of gun powder into these plastic shelves. the preparations here were spread out across two barges docked at pier 250. >> there's hundreds of shells. >> reporter: 12 hours from now, they will unleash a shell of colors for the new year's eve fireworks celebration. >> the 15-minute show is carefully planned and electronically timed. >> the shells are timed every time they are supposed to go off. >> reporter: this is video from last year. this year is expected to be just as big with more than 4500 different shots of dazzling lights in effect. 250,000 people came to the embarcadero to watch the fireworks last
. the islands are disputed between vietnam, china, and taiwan. the skipper knows the dangers. three years ago, he was detained by the chinese, who confiscated his boat. >> in the past, when we were hit by storms, which could shelter of the islands. now, mysterious and boats come to arrest us, and beat us, and pushed us back. >> the chinese occupied the islands, but the vietnamese say there is plenty of historical evidence proving the area belongs to vietnam. like the graves of ancestors who went to the islands to map the area, and claimed them as the enemies in the early 19th century. >> we have been going to the island's many times. during the last trip, there were hit by a typhoon, and their vote was missing. that is why the king at the time has requested these cribs for people to remember them. >> the docks are crowded with women who come to check the overnight touch. life here largely revolves around farming and fishing, but that could be about to change. whether it be fishing or shipping, this is an important economic zone for all the countries that claim parts of it. but the real money
as possessing all of the south china sea and it's caused quite a ruckus. with vietnam, philippines, taiwan, even india is upset. han on island says their military, their police will be able to board any ships that come into territorial waters, they define as the south china see, so i don't see china right now learning a lesson and taking a step back. i see what they're trying to do is changing the facts on the ground and thinking this is a long term policy and they're going to win out in the end. >> fascinating. thank you so much. >>> up next, what in the world. is europe getting a new independent country soon? i'll explain. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about your old 401(k). tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 you know, the one that's been lying around. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 rollover your old 401(k) to a schwab ira, and we'll help you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 find new ways to make your money work harder. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so if you're ready to teach your old 401(k) some new tricks... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 talk to chuck. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 rollover your old 401(k) td
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 94 (some duplicates have been removed)